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Traditional natural products and fresh ingredients are used across a wide range of restaurants and bars in the area from Michelin star gastronomy to local cuisine, providing seafood straight off the boat, tasty vegetarian dishes from local allotments and succulent meat dishes from animals raised ecologically nearby.

Many places have a menú del dia, a fixed price set menu, with a few dishes to choose from, and usually includes wine, coffee and dessert. Also tapas, small taster dishes, are common.

Many of the products and ingredients used in the area are supplied locally. Often being produced in an ecologically friendly way without pesticides for fruit and vegetables, and animals being raised on mountain or lowland pasture. There are a number of special local breeds, including the Celtic Xaldu (black) sheep. Typical local produce includes cheese and cider. Cider is drank escanciada, a little poured from height to aerate it and drank straight away. The traditional Asturian dish is fabada, a hearty meat and white bean stew.


The following restaurants are broadly in descending price order. Booking recommended during high season and weekends. Opening hours can vary through the year, sometimes closing one day a week; Monday is quite common. Spanish eating hours tend to be around 1-3 pm for lunch and 8-10pm for dinner.

Casa Marcial, La Salgar, near Arriondas. Michelin starred cuisine. Nearby is the Mirador de Fitu, a lookout point with views from the sea to the whole of the Picos de Europa range. Casa Marcial

El Corral del Indianu, Arriondas. Michelin starred cuisine. Outside garden terrace. El Corral de Indianu

La Huertona, Ribadesella. Excellent cuisine. Outside terrace. Ribadesella is a pretty seaside town with a small port, and sunset along the sea front. La Huertona

Güeyu Mar, Playa de Vega, near Ribadesella. Excellent cuisine. Grilled fish and seafood. Outside terrace. Beachfront facing the sunset. Güeyu Mar

El Molín, Cangas de Onís. Good cuisine, varied menu. Gluten free dishes. Cangas de Onís has a traditional market every Sunday. El Molin

La Guía, Ribadesella. Good cuisine. Grilled fish, seafood and meat. Outside terrace. Ribadesella is a pretty seaside town with a small port, and sunset along the sea front. Sidrería La Guía (no website)

El Campanu, Oviedo/ Cangas de Onís/ Ribadesella. Good cuisine; Michelin guide 2015. Grilled fish, seafood and meat. Cangas de Onís terrace faces river and Roman bridge. El Campanu

La Cabaña, Susierra, near Cangas de Onís. Good cuisine, varied menu. Cangas de Onís has a traditional market every Sunday. La Cabaña  (no website)

La Parrera, Niembro, near Posada. Fish and seafood. Good cuisine. Outside terrace. Beaches nearby, such as Torimbia and Barro. La Parrera (no website)


El Cares, Arenas de Cabrales.  Also vegetarian dishes. Carretera general (Western end of main road through Arenas de Cabrales).

La Sifonería, Cangas de Onis. Calle San Pelayo, 28, 33550.

Sidrería Moreno, Benia de Onís. Plaza del Ayuntamiento, s/n 33556.

Bar La Fuentina, Camarmeña. Saturdays ‘pote’ – a meat and vegetable stew. View of El Urriellu/ Naranjo de Bulnes, the symbolic peak of Picos de Europa. Lugar Camarmeña, 0 s/n, 33554.

Las Estazadas, Canales de Cabrales. Home cooking. On the corner of the main road above La Molina. Sunny terrace with mountain views. Canales de Cabrales s/n, 33555.


Most bars tend to serve some food, usually a range of tapas or pinchos, small taster dishes.

Enol, Cangas de Onís. Bar delicatessen, tapas. Avenida de Covadonga, 27, 33550 (opposite market/ church square, Eastern end of centre on the main road).

Cuarenta Grados, Cangas de Onís. Tapas bar. Calle San Pelayo, 6, 33550 (Middle of the main pedestrian street).

El Polesu, Cangas de Onis. Historic cider making space as a bar (downstairs), evenings only. Serves mixed cheese platter. Calle Ángel Tarano, 3, 33550.

La Palma, Arenas de Cabrales. Garden bar, drinks only. Evening to night. Carretera General s/n, 33554 (Eastern end of main road through Arenas de Cabrales).

Shops and markets

From La Molina, the nearest large village with shops and bars is Las Arenas, about fifteen minutes away to the East. There are some shops and bars in Carreña, which is closer, but Arenas de Cabrales offers more choice. For emergencies, Casa Manolo in Ortiguero (five minutes to the West of Canales) is a bar shop, and has all the basics outside of normal shop opening hours.

There are weekly traditional markets: Cangas de Onis – Sundays, Llanes – Tuesdays, Ribadesella – Wednesdays, Posada – Fridays, Nueva – Saturdays. Usually until around 2pm. Llanes and Ribadesella are pretty seaside towns. Asturian markets

Carnicería Urriellu, Las Arenas de Cabrales. Butcher, with some vegetables and local products. Carretera General s/n, 33554 (towards Eastern end of main road through Arenas).

BM supermarket, Arenas de Cabrales. Has a fresh fish counter in the mornings. Carretera General s/n, 33554 (Eastern end of main road through Arenas).

Local produce